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Since 1986, AVI has been showcased in, AVI has been showcased in Home-A-Rama, Dream Street, and The Prairie View Premiere, in addition to memorable homes from Indiana to Santa Barbara, Aspen, Palm Beach, and Manhattan. Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us:

Tom Cox, Cox & Shepherd

“I own a construction company, and have a great working relationship with AVI. I think when you find a good supplier, you don’t let loose of that relationship. I know I can count on Jim Thirkell when I use his services in a newly constructed home. I know I don’t have to worry about the work. He is always on time, he is priced well for the work he does, and his work is always done as promised.”
“There are many suppliers who claim to provide the same service as AVI. Some do, however, many do not. Those that do not live up to their claim, routinely end up in over their heads when it comes time to perform. Not Jim. In fact, I have had to call Jim to fix what other companies have done incorrectly.”
John & Debbie Kirkham

Debbie: “John and I have a 15-year relationship with Jim Thirkell of AVI. He put a security system and rewired our home for music 15 years ago. Then we moved. AVI put in a digital phone system, security system, coordinated sound system and home theater. Now, we’re in a condo. Guess who I called to put in a security system, sound system, network our computers, and build a new home theater?”
John: “I’m not a tech guy, but I like high tech toys. I don’t know much about how to work them. Jim knows this about me because he’s come to my house (on a Sunday) to show me why my VCR didn’t work (the tape wasn’t rewound)! He also remembers the little things I ask for – like pre-setting stations I like on my tuner -- and follows through with everything he says he will -- at a fair price. I need an easy-to-use system that even I can figure out. Jim gives me that, every time. I figure if Jim is satisfied with the quality of his work, I know I’m going to be pleased with it, because Jim is a perfectionist.”
Dick Oakes

“I always call AVI because you get Jim, the guy that owns the company, directing the work. Jim has designed music systems, home security, home entertainment, and theater systems for my home. Even an integrated phone system. You can’t get better customer service. Because the guy that cares the most about his reputation – about the quality of the work he does -- is the guy that owns the company. And that’s what you get when you call AVI.”
Dave Sullivan

“My wife and I are building a new home in Kokomo, and AVI has already been contracted to do the light, sound and security systems. This home is actually the third we will have had Jim Thirkell do for us. Jim is very accessible, which is unusual in this business. Everyone at AVI is professional, very responsible, and the quality of their work is absolutely impeccable.”

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